Call for participants for Glover Garden inspection: April 5th and 12th

World Heritage Glover Garden

This event is to explore Glover Garden to enhance the satisfaction of inbound tourists who visit there.
There may be issues such as language barrier, accessibility and so on.

Participants can enjoy walking around there and find if there are any barriers for tourists.

Entrance fee, voice pen (guided language) and soft drink at Glover cafe are included.

Dates: April 5th and 12th, from 1 PM to 3 PM

1:00 Meet at the front of the first gate (Not the side of Glover sky road) and we will enter together. We are not able to wait for anyone who is late.
After the short instruction of this survey, each participant will tour Glover Garden.

First Gate of Glover Garden

2:15 Focus group at Steele Memorial Academy.
The room is located at the end of the corridor on the second floor (This place is usually closed to tourists!).
We use KJ-method to explore issues and solutions.

3:00 After completing the questionnaire, we give you a gift and you all are free to enjoy Glover Garden!!

We have some requirements for participation:

  1. We only need 6-10 volunteers each day.
  2. English speaking ability for discussion (non-Japanese) is needed for focus groups.
  3. Completing a questionnaire is necessary after the focus group.
  4. Pictures and movies in this survey will be used for advertisement (we can take them of your back if you want).
    Please contact us for more details and to request participation.

The number of participants is limited.
Please send an e-mail to us.

Thank you!

This event is organised by Ai International Medical Research Institute and is sponsored by Glover Garden.